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Italy: what I will miss most...

posted by Jamila

...because I know it will always touch some soft spot in my heart. Or stomach.

1. Food. Food. Food. More specifically, read on.

My retori-fab kitchen in Florence

2. Pesto alla Calabrese by Barilla, but not to be found in the States—a heavenly combination of bell peppers and cream.

images via

3. Fresh lemons. The juiciest lemons ever. More lemon juice than you know what to do with.

photo courtesy of meredici-abroadinitaly.com

4. Mukki. Local dairy. The way it should be.

a Mukki-stuffed fridge

5. Mini Fantasie from Conad supermarkets. Think: assorted ice creams - all your favorites - but miniature.

left: Mini Fantasie, on sale!; clutching my Mini Fantasie box, pin-up style

6. La Giostra. Dimitri. Soldano. Sacher Torte. Sea bass with red wine sauce and cherry tomatoes. Un regalo degli antipasti. Complimentary champagne. And more complimentary champagne.

left to right: branzino; me devouring osso bucco; Sacher Torte - all at La Giostra in Florence

(Something other than food... ?)

7. Well, the wine!

(And to stray from cuisine entirely...?)

8. Michael, Bruni, Doni, Raph, Cosi, Botti, and all the rest of the gang.

just kidding

9. Sodomy.

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