i n t r o
p h o t o g r a p h y
w r i t i n g
v e n u e s
b l o g
a r t i s t s
o u t r o
a f f i l i a t e s

  noun 1. The act of immersing oneself in other cultures without crossing national borders. 2. Local cultural diversification. 3. Traveling on a budget. 4. A website that will allow you to accomplish all the above from the very seat in which you sit.


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Austria to Hollywood: frequency hopping

We're going to head back in time, some 60-odd years. We find ourselves in Austria. A stunning brunette at the dinner table. Her husband—a brooding armaments manufacturer—plucked her from a modest film career after seeing her nude body in Exstase and set her up in his home. Classic misreading of the depth of the beauty. He is going over some figures with the German Chancellor. She realizes that within five years something rather awful is going to sweep over her beloved countryside. The inner fibers of her brain have cemented a vague outline for a plan, and with that in tow, she flees to Paris and flies to Hollywood. Another classic misreading—to America she becomes one of the lesser known glamour starlets of the mid-century.

But to some, she is a divine combination of refined dexterity.

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An ode to Hedy Lamarr.

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