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South Africa: romping around

posted by Brett - he traveled to South Africa during July and August of 2008 for hands-on experience in public health, one of his concentrations at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study

So a few of us (Drew my roommate, Shashana and Jaushna) went to take a train. First we hit the strip mall area to buy little things for daily life. We got train tickets, R5,50, which is about $.80 maybe? It's been raining all day, so we stood in the rain and waited for the train and then left Observatory and went to the main area of Cape Town. About 20 minutes of training it.

Oh, yesterday we drove by smaller versions of favellas. It's kinda...I dunno. I dunno how I feel about it. I do know I don't like it.

We wound up in Cape Town, and we went to the First National Bank, swapped money (the rate is somewhere between R7,5 and R7,9 for US$1) and then got lunch. I got pumpkin stew, which was served on buns and not at all like a soup as you'd expect, and that chicken curry which was mad good. I wanted to compare the SA version to the Amer'n version and definitely some similarities. But SA uses less chicken, at least thus far, and adds green beans.

We walked and walked and I found a photo shop! Then went to the Company Gardens and like whoa lots of ducks. They were vicious too. But we hit the South African History Museum. I know a lot about rocks with scratches on them.

Um...My TA from Epidemiology is here which is pretty cool.
We are thinking about going shark diving. We didn't go to Table Mountain because of the rain.

Also, this may or may not be a place where I synthesize thoughts and write deeply about things. It's hard for me to write out some of these things eloquently, especially when we go to Durban and I do a homestay with some rural villagers. That's why I turn to pictures I guess. Don't be disappointed. But ask. If you want more let me know. I'm not being shallow about the trip. I just can't figure out how to talk about it.

Ciao per adesso.

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@ 8:49 AM, Blogger JK said...

Just have fun. :) I almost regret editing the typos from your first post, actually; I think I removed part of its charm in doing so.

On another note, I am SO glad you are describing the food!


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