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NYC: autumn

posted by Jamila

When I picked up Vanity Fair in its plastic covering off the ground in front of the door, two brown leaves were stuck to it. Slightly wet with rain, the leaf filth delighted, really. Jazz notes slipping out of the saxophone across the street, & the smell of charcoal... Little spiders here & there, everywhere, warming their awful little feet on my walls. I leave the window open & pull on a sweater. What a luxury.

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@ 10:26 PM, Blogger OneMan said...

The crisp cool air of the fall, the layers you start wearing, creating richer tones you have been awaiting all summer, and you start blending with those dancing falling leaves.

Apples, pears, peppers. Ovens cooking great warm rich dishes feeling the air with intense paper and spices, warmth that impregnates your senses, it changes your mood, it feels you with pleasure, this pleasure floats to others, they close their eyes, take those scents in, and go ahhh.

Break out those oven mits, warm them up and cook one warm meal for your closest friuend this month, joy and pleasure will likely follow. LOVE will follow in different way, but it will.

For me, my recent relocation to NY has awaken some senses which are "new" and delectable, and I'm really enjoying cooking and looking for interesting recipes and then figuring out what I can change to make them different, peculiar, better?

I have also come to appreciate how much can transcend over a nice meal, whether is with friends, family, or your significant other; so I have come to cherish earlier memories of family dinners where most differences where put aside to really enjoy each other and discuss great subjects.

@ 11:27 AM, Blogger Jacqueline said...

So true, so true...
Fall is warmth, despite the season growing cooler--we make an extra effort to surround ourselves by warm scents, flavors and people.

Welcome to New York! (And if you REALLY want to experience Fall, New England is supreme)

@ 11:12 AM, Blogger Jacqueline said...

...Antonio? Is that you?
hahahaha! You had me fooled!
I should have guessed by the long elaborate corny post :)

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