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NYC: New City

New City

Recession makes New York a smaller place.

A stranger place.

I noticed this for the first time about a month ago when my iPod was stolen from the table in front of me at a Starbucks on the Upper West.

"This is what the city used to be like," a long time New Yorker told me when I expressed my surprise at having been robbed so unceremoniously.

With the recession of a layer of Kush and comfort, the city's crazy underbelly is exposed. It was always there of course, but hidden by layers of money and the well suited Wall Street workers who wore it in droves.

Now that they're gone – relegated to their suburbs of origin- the rest of us remain, readjusting to a city stripped of sharp edged suits and the space uncovered when that artificial skin was peeled away.

We're testing waters now, wandering the city, resetting the streets to a new beat. A slower beat. A beat that pulses fluidly.

The city recesses in a cycle, circles back to art. To the living of each day inside each moment. To a romantic non attachment where "goodbye" is said but never meant. Where, "see you around" is meant but never said.

Recession has wrought havoc but it has reclaimed New York. Brought the city back to the size it should be and to the elements that make it a place to fall in love with; art and a sense of relaxed possibility.

Allie Rowbottom

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@ 5:11 PM, Blogger Jessica Hoppe said...

Wow, I love this piece! Since I returned from 2 months in europe I have tried to describe exactly what you accomplished here!


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