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NYC: interrupting this Taxi TV broadcast, courtesy of Amir Baradaran

We've posted about artist Amir Baradaran and his performance art, as well as paintings. Culture, time and space are critical to his work, and to ours.

And so we are excited to inform readers of his latest project: Transient, which shall infiltrate NYC taxi cab television starting today and through September 15th.

Transient is intended as an ephemeral gift, foregrounding the possibilities of liminal states. Baradaran seeks to capture, challenge and transform the everyday modalities of NYC cab rides by interrupting Taxi TV's regular programming flow in 6,300 taxicabs, to be viewed by approximately 1.5 million passengers. Using the technology against itself, Transient solicits focus in a space marked by dispersed attention and invisible human boundaries. Comprised of shots of a driver's steady gaze in the rear-view mirror or through the grainy, often-stained plexiglass partitions, the incisive videos take the experiential disjuncture between the driver and passenger as their point of departure. "It was not my intention to make a humanist statement," says Baradaran, "but rather to create a space of introspection."

The yellow taxicab presents a striking paradox: the car itself is one of the most visible icons of NYC, while its drivers, many of whom are minorities, seem invisible. Recent media reports have inundated commuters with articles portraying taxicab drivers as an 'other' class, erroneously intimating that some three quarters of all drivers actively prey on their fare. Even though these reports have since been reassessed and somewhat retracted, they have created a climate of distrust. Baradaran's reactive installations emerged from this context.

About Amir Baradaran: New York-based visual artist Amir Baradaran (b. 1977) was born in Tehran and raised in Montreal. Baradaran’s artistic practice is marked by a recurring exploration of the cross-section of race and gender. Baradaran’s previous work, The Other Artist Is Present (2010), a guerrilla performance in four acts at The Museum of Modern Art, honored, questioned and ultimately departed from its inspiration, Marina Abramovic’s The Artist Is Present (2010).

For more information, head to Amir Baradaran's website >>

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