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Texas: The Ghost Wolves haunt us, and we love it

Vegans by nutritional diet, carnivores by blood, rockin' in spirit: The Ghost Wolves may be a small pack in numbers, but they make up for it in sight and sound. The Austin-based duo reminds many of The White Stripes, but perhaps only in energy, gender and eccentricity. Their charming-mysterious style is uniquely their own, musically and visually. Carley Carazy Wolf and Jonathan Konya "Little Hammer" have an urban edge to them - we wouldn't blink an eye to find them strutting their stuff on concrete, but the fierceness of their musical soul is clearly based in Texas, in a land that historically has been a haven for both spiritual leaders and outlaws. They are soulful but gritty; black and white but explosively colorful, broodingly dark but joyfully energetic.

If you can catch them on tour, the harmony of such contradictions will register fully; their live performance is a crucial aspect to their craft, perhaps the only way to truly experience such a dramatic art. "Their live show is a bit of a spectacle," says the Austin Chronicle. It is an explosion of sound and emotion, as well as a lively theatrical performance, complete with costumes - Wolf in all white, Konya often in black and props galore. They share musical responsibility, swapping roles as lead or backup vocalist, even switching guitar for drums.

The energy that fuels their identity comes from a unique kind of wolf: an elegant and highly-coveted white creature bred by Wolf's family. This wild-but-domesticated animal is, indeed, the perfect summation of The Ghost Wolves' breed of primal music: hot with instinct and desire, elevated by humor and wisdom. They are two gentle and endearing individuals with great love between them - loyal as the wolf, you might say; but they are not afraid to explore the more brutal aspects of surviving in rugged Earth.

Listen for yourself. Here is "Gonna Live," from their latest EP In Ya Neck!:

Listen to more and purchase In Ya Neck! on their bandcamp page >>

View The Ghost Wolves' official website >>

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